Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special Request: Need for calling card

If you have looked in our links section, I have mentioned a therapy based out of India called G Therapy. This is a homeopathic therapy that consists of a pill that is given sublingually (under the tongue). The reason I really want to get Aidan in on this therapy is due to the video below. It is almost 6 minutes long, but I ask you watch every second and see the amazing transformation that occurs:

I have communicated via email with the doctor who created this therapy and he wishes to speak with me further; however, this requires an international phone call to India. Unfortunately, Skype does not work for him due to poor audio quality and I do not have international calling on my cell plan (nor do I plan to get it). If anyone out there can help by providing me a pre-paid calling card that can be used for international calling to India, I'd greatly appreciate it. I wish I could tell you how much or how many minutes I would need, but I really have no clue; I would assume between 30 and 60 minutes of talk time.

Again, I greatly appreciate any help you can provide so I can contact this doctor!

-- Russell


SugarEd Productions said...

That's amazing. I hope you get to speak to him, please just be careful. I know you will research this fully, as you do evrything. I am curious to know what is in the tablet.

HoundDogMom said...

Hi Erin, I have been following Aidan's blog since his accident. Your family is truly amazing. I have a question. Are you still needing some international calling cards? Our Dollar Tree store in Bloomington, IL has these cards and if you are still needing I will pick some up and send your way. I know they work good because I send them to the solider's to use during their deployment. Just drop me a note at or check out my dog blog Sherri Jeakins, Bloomington IL