Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ok, so I said I'd post after Aidan's appointment at the doctor. He had an abdominal x-ray done, and all it really showed was a lot of bowel gas. I'm not sure if he had so much gas from crying or if it is caused by something else.

We're being referred to the pediatric gastrointerologist. I'm beginning to think that Aidan just isn't tolerating commercial formulas. The formula he is on now, Complete Pediatric, is lactose free and it's a pretty good formula (as far as formulas go). Since we don't know what food allergies or sensitivites he has, I'm going to get him in for the allergy testing next week, if I can. I'll probably end up making his food from now on. I know it's better for him.

We also got a prescription to help with the gas pains and cramping. We gave him a dose at 6pm and Russell said that he did really well in the chamber this evening. He cried a little, but he settled down. On the drive there and the drive home he was completely calm and was even asleep when they got home. He's been out like a light since then.

This isn't a medication that we want to keep him on long term, but if it helps him be more comfortable and not cry all day long because he's in pain. It's worth it until we get to the GI and pin-point the underlying issue.

It seems like there's always something going on with Aidan. I just wish it was good news instead of dealing with all of the complications of him being immobile or from the accident itself.

Aside from this problem he's having, he's been doing okay. His lungs sound really good. He's been smiling a lot more and is responding to being tickled. He seems much more aware of his surrounding and although people have always told me that he responds to my presence, I've started noticing it lately.

So, that's what is going on with us. Aidan is in the summer pre-school program and goes 4 days a week. We have to cut his day short so that we can get as many nursing hours we can with his hyperbaric schedule. Please pray that we're able to get Aidan's stomach issues resolved and under control.

I'd also like to ask everyone to pray for a friend of mine. Her husband lost his battle with cystic fibrosis early Monday morning. His name is Charlie and he was 34. They have a little boy who will be a year old next month. Please just say a prayer for my friend, Robin, and her family as they go through this very difficult time. Thank you!


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Leslie said...

Erin, we will be praying for Robin - so, so sorry to hear that.