Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raffle Teaser

Many of you may have seen comments on here by a lady named Leslie. She has been a great friend to us on here and has offered a lot of support and prayers in the past year and a half.

A few months ago, she emailed me and made an offer to help us out: she and her husband would sell raffle chances for a giveaway of their own. the winner would receive a commissioned piece of art created by her husband. Needless to say, we were flattered.

They have been working out the details, but once I have more information from them, I will post the details of how you can buy your chances. All I can say right now is that it looks like they will start the raffle in August and will run for a month. In the meantime, they have sent me some samples of his work for everyone to check out. Enjoy!


Kathy Hooper said...

Awesome art. I hope this raffle is very successful for you. Be sure to post it on facebook and create a pray for aidan fan page there. Also, if I were you I'd write to Kayleigh Freeman's dad (they live in the Charlotte area as well) and see if he'll help spread the word.
I'd also contact as her son has a CHD and she has a huge following and she might put a mention on Twitter about Aidan for you. Heck, I'd probably tweet Ashton Kutcher (username aplusk) and Demi Moore (username mrskutcher) (seriously) on Twitter with a link to your site and see if they'd also mention it... they literally have millions of people following them on Twitter and they actually reply to regular people who tweet them. They seem to be pretty genuine, caring people. I'd give it a shot, certainly. Good luck. What you need for Aidan is MUCH GREATER visibility to really raise the kind of funds you need. You might even write the show "The Doctors" to see if they'd do a PSA type thing about Aidan's story. They did a story on Kayleigh a few months ago about her micro-preemie status (it ran shortly after she passed away, sadly).

The Tuba Geek said...

Kathy, I actually have done several of these things. I have created a Pray For Aidan group on Facebook, but no fan page.

I am also on Twitter (@prayforaidan) and have things setup to have any new blog posts show up on my profile as a new tweet. I also try to tweet once in a while, though I haven't done it nearly as much lately as I used to.

It just so happens that I do follow both Ashton and Demi on Twitter; unfortunately, they have to follow you back in order to see your updates. I have never received notificationt that they are following me.I do, however, have things setup so that any new blog posts are sent as a tweet to my account.

I will see about contacting Kayleigh's parents and as well as "The Doctors" and see where that takes us.

Kathy Hooper said...

Russell, if you post in Twitter with @aplusk, I'm pretty sure he'll see them (at least that's what Chris Cuomo said). If you wanna test, it tweet me (since I don't currently follow you on Twitter) and I'll let ya know if I get it. I'm katshoop on Twitter.

Kathy Hooper said...

Actually, I just looked in Twitter's help section and I was correct about that. If you start your msg with @username, it will show up in that person's feed, even if they don't follow you.

The Tuba Geek said...

Thanks for that info. I'll definitely look into that tonight.