Sunday, August 2, 2009

August Raffle: Art for Aidan

I just received an "official release" regarding the raffle I "teased" about last month. Here's the info!
Hey everyone. I am holding a raffle to benefit Aidan Wright. Aidan is a 3 year-old boy in North Carolina who was in a near-drowning accident days before his second birthday.

Aidan has suffered brain damage, and the Wright family has spent the past year caring for him day and night. They are so thankful to have their little guy alive, knowing that for a time he was not expected to survive. There are daily challenges and mounding medical costs, and they need help.

Please read more about Aidan at his blog, Scroll down the left side of the page and read “Aidan’s Story”, and chose any post to learn more about his daily life.

As the prize, I am offering commissioned art. I will work with the holder of the winning raffle ticket on a drawing of a subject of their choice. I work with any of the following materials: pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, design markers or conte crayon and will draw an image in a basic setting, or a portrait, up to 11”x14”, suitable for standard-sized framing.

Some general examples would be:
  • A drawing based on photos of your great-grandfather’s general store or your family farmhouse before it was torn down.
  • An illustration of a baseball and glove with a favorite team logo for your son’s room.
  • A portrait of a loved one, or beloved family pet.
  • A drawing of your favorite superhero or character from film or television.
Again, I will work with the raffle ticket holder to arrive at a final piece that will be treasured. You may see samples of my work at And I will answer any questions you may have at

Raffle tickets are available through Paypal at $5 for one, $10 for three or $20 for seven. However, you may purchase as many tickets as you like.

I will be sent an email with your ticket numbers. The ticket numbers will be randomly generated and a winner will be drawn on August 31, and announced on September 1. ALL proceeds from the raffle will go directly to Aidan’s medical care. The art will be discussed with the winner, and delivered no later than December 31, 2009.

Purchasing raffle tickets is simple. Go to, on the left you will see “Art for Aidan Raffle” and a drop-down menu. Chose your number of chances and click “Add to Cart.”

Please help little Aidan get the ongoing treatments he needs so he will someday be fully healed.
Again, this family decided to do this out of the kindness of their heart. I offered to host it on my site as they are still working on getting an online presence setup that would allow them to have the cart setup on their end. I hope you will take the opportunity to enter for a chance to help us and to win some amazing one-of-a-kind artwork.

Good Luck!



SugarEd Productions said...

When will we get our ticket number?

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for buying raffle tickets! This is Brett's wife, Leslie, and I will be emailing the ticket numbers tomorrow (Thursday, 8/13). I apologize for the delay. Thanks again!!!

sharingthebliss said...

Russell CONGRATS!! You won the drawing last week! DM me at twitter with your mailing address so that I can mail you the gift basket.

The Tuba Geek said...

I wasn't able to DM you on Twitter. Please send an email to russdwright at gmail dot com.