Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1 Update

First off, sorry for not posting any more than we did last month. Hopefully, I can cover all the bases of how things went for the rest of last month.

Aidan continued summer school through the rest of July, save a few incidents. Shortly after the last update was posted, we had to take him to urgent care to get checked out because he was getting really upset, especially at night. We found out he had another ear infection on top of a stomach bug that had been going around. So, he was dealing with ear infection symptoms on top of his stomach cramping in waves. We got the infection taken care of and he started to settle down for a while.

Over the last week or so, he had been crying incessantly. It seemed nothing would calm him down and he had a lot of gas. None of the medications we were giving seemed to help. Erin's mom then sent us information about one of the medications he recently started. Wouldn't you know it that abdominal issues were a side effect. We made the executive decision to cut out the medication and only give on an as needed basis. That on top of some other treatments seemed to get him calmed down. Now, he is sleeping through the night again and we are so glad for that!

I am still hoping to get Aidan fully qualified for G-Therapy. This week will likely be spent calling hospitals and doctor's offices to see if it will be cheaper to get the records myself or to have them sent to India. We also have videos to make and put together. I'm seriously considering doing some interview-style videos with his therapists and doctors so the doctor in India can get a more complete picture. I don't believe we will have to go to India to get this therapy; as I get more details I'll post them here. I also have the number for a new hyperbarics center and may call them this week since I will have a couple of days off during the week.

As for specific prayer requests, pray that Aidan continues to improve and that I can get things together to further pursue the G-Therapy. Yes, we still want to do Stem Cells, but I think that pursuit is going to take a back seat for now. Also, pray that we can find a house to rent that is the right price and has everything setup to meet our needs.

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