Monday, August 31, 2009

My conversation with Mark Schultz

As promised, here is my story of how I got to talk to Mark Schultz:

I was on my way home and listening to one of the local Christian radio stations here in Charlotte when I heard the DJ interviewing Mark about his new album. As I listened, I knew that Mark had to know Aidan's story and about how his music had been such an inspiration to my family.

I tried calling the station a couple of times and only got their answering machine after a bunch of rings. Third time was the charm, though, as I connected with the DJ. I started talking to him and mentioned how I had talked about Aidan before when I called one of their segments. I said that I wasn't sure of Mark could hear me when he spoke up and said he was on the line with me (I think he was in the studio).

When I knew he was listening, it all came out. I told him the stories I talked about on here about Erin and I hearing "He's My Son" early on in Aidan's stay in the hospital, how "40 Days" served as a personal inspiration to me, and how the story behind "He's My Son" solidified my faith in God and Aidan getting better.

They both listened to my story and thanked me for calling and telling it. It felt great getting to finally tell one of my favorite artists how his music has touched my family's life. After I hung up, I realized that i had not given Mark the website address; so, I called back. Once again, I got the answering machine. This time, I left a message. I hope that they passed the website along and Mark takes the time to read all of Aidan's story.

I hope everyone has a good night! Remember that you have until 11:59 tonight to purchase your Art For Aidan raffle tickets.


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