Monday, August 17, 2009

some pictures from school

Aidan's teacher gave me a CD with some pictures they'd taken of him since he started school. There weren't a whole lot because he started at the very end of February and then had several illnesses that kept him out of school. But I thought I'd share some of the pictures with everyone. Aidan really likes being at school. It actually made me cry a little to see these pictures. He's growing so fast and I feel like I'm missing out on so much with him. Before his accident, I looked forward to the day that he would be able to talk to me and tell me about his day, but no matter what, Aidan could always make me laugh. Evan is exactly the same way, he's usually always happy, and he makes me laugh.

Anyway, I'm not going to cry... I won't. So here are the pictures-

last day of the regular school year
looking at a light box- part of his visual therapy
little "cool dude" in his sun glasses. :)
finger painting

more visual therapy
riding in the wagon- he really likes this
the "torture device"- aka, the stander. actually he does well in the stander and will tolerate it for up to an hour at home.
this is the day the fire department brought out the truck for the kids. They like to expose them to different textures and sounds.
The "Chicken Dance" Elmo. Aidan loved this thing. We've got to find him one. The other little boy would push a switch and make Elmo dance and Aidan would smile and laugh. It's hard to see, but he IS smiling in this picture.

Hope you all like these.

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Kathy Hooper said...

Cute pictures. He's really growing!! (My Jack is, too, I guess it's just the age.) I'm glad you have him in a good school and that they are doing so many different things to stimulate him.