Sunday, November 22, 2009

another way to help Aidan

I recently signed up with a program through an online adaptive equipment store. They have a program where people can donate to a fund to raise money for specific equipment that we'd like to buy for Aidan. It's kind of like purchasing a gift certificate or even a lay-a-way plan. The company holds the funds and keeps track of how much is raised and when there is enough to purchase an item, we'll be alerted and can order the item.

I did this because I know some people would rather donate straight toward purchasing Aidan's equipment, rather than just his expenses in general, and because he's growing so fast and these items are not covered by insurance.

We're wanting to get a stroller for him that will make it easier to take him out to the mall or to the park or just out and about. The wheelchair he has now is great, but it is very heavy and bulky and does not fold up. With me getting bigger by the week with baby #3, it's making it difficult to "man-handle" the wheelchair. Also, with the addition of #3, we're going to be very short of space in our van to transport the wheelchair and the stroller can be folded up and won't take up much room.

The other item that we'd like to get Aidan is a positional chair. He has one now, but is quickly outgrowing it. We use this chair to allow him to sit upright when feeding him and in his hammock swing. The chair comes with an optional base so that Aidan can sit on the floor, otherwise the seat has to be attached to a regular chair, like a dining chair.

You can donate in increments of $25. For those of our family members who have asked me about Christmas gifts for Aidan, this would be a great alternative. It may take us a while to raise enough for both items, but any amount would be great!

Thanks everyone. Love to you all!


Leslie said...

What an awesome idea!!!

faithsonshyne said...

Pray I win lotto... I would love to help you guys x x x