Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fundraiser results

I just got a call from Aidan's physical therapist at school. The fundraiser on Saturday brought in $2700 - enough to pay for the wheelchair base and even have enough left over to buy a switch or two for Aidan. Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered or donated! We greatly appreciate it!

On another note, Russ just got a call from Dr. Oswal, the one doing the G-therapy out of India. We have been trying to get together all of this information for him so that Aidan can try this therapy, and were under the impression that the first 6 months of the treatment would be free. Not so.... He wants us to pay $1250 over the next 3-4 months for this and we can't do it. We're struggling to pay our regular bills and I know for a fact that we aren't going to have that kind of money over 3 months, let alone a year.

I don't know how other families can continue to do all of this stuff. Of the few fundraisers we've had, I think this is the second highest amount raised. There is talk of a large fundraiser this spring, but we are not involved in the planning really and I have no idea if it will actually happen and I am not about to count chicks before the eggs are even laid.

I am greatly appreciative of all of the help that we have received for Aidan and for our family. I certainly don't expect anyone to pay for all of his care, and we do what we can within our means. Aidan is not our only child... he is our oldest and we have a 3rd child on the way. I don't know why I'm sitting here explaining our financial situation to people, but I don't want anyone to think that we don't use funds raised for Aidan. Everything we do benefits Aidan. Keeping our van in our possession alone helps him, and currently is our only means of transporting him and his wheelchair. Our van needs a LOT of work. We have to keep a roof over our heads and we are seriously in need of a larger place to live. Aidan needs more room and needs a handicap accessible bathroom which he currently does not have. Ideally, we'd like to build a home so that we can customize his rooms to accommodate his needs as he gets older. He is only almost 4 years old and is already in need of things that I can't give him.

I just hate feeling like I'm under a microscope all the time. No one has really done anything specific to make me feel that way, but as I said, I don't want anyone to think that money they donate for Aidan's care doesn't go toward his care in some way. We don't depend on donations because frankly, in this horrible economy our country is in, I know it is hard on just about everyone. We do what we can, and that's all we can do.

Okay, so if none of this makes sense to anyone or you are reading this and scratching your head, I'm sorry. I'm just venting/ clearing my thoughts.

I am very appreciative of the support and prayers that we receive. Our family has been blessed beyond what I ever thought possible, and God willing we will get through this and come out ahead. My goal is to give Aidan the best care we can and to take care of our family. That's all I can do at this point.

Thanks for letting me ramble.


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Leslie said...

Wow, that was a great post. I can't imagine how it feels - wanting to provide in every single way and get the very best possible care and feeling like you aren't able all the time, financially. I know saying it doesn't always make it feel real, but the Lord is Aidan's Physician, and any care that the Lord knows he needs will be provided at just the right time. I just know it. Aidan is His precious boy, too, and He won't let him slide in his care. And He placed Aidan in your care because He trusted you with him. I'm so continually sorry you all have had to go through this. We continue to pray for his FULL HEALING no matter what anyone says.