Monday, February 8, 2010

G-Therapy Update

I spoke with Dr. Oswal again last week after speaking with the courier. We were able to work something out and we will receive G-Therapy once the courier gets back from India. We will not start it until March 1, though; we will need the time to go over everything with Dr. C, get the order so the nurses can give it, then educate the nurses on the dosing protocols.

I am very excited about the prospect of what this could do for Aidan. I have already spoke with his teacher and asked her that if there is any sign of improvement once we start the therapy to have it thoroughly documented. Once we start the therapy, we'll post status updates on the blog (here or the new one once it is ready) and videos on YouTube about once a month. How he does on this first round of therapy (six months worth) will determine whether or not we start another round immediately after this one.

This is big for us, so I ask for continued prayers for significant progress.


Unknown said...

This a wonderful, exciting news...let's all pray that this will indeed help our little boy

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, Erin & Russell - I praise God for this step... We are PRAYING that it will indeed improve him in ways you would have never imagined. Full recovery is the goal - everything is possible through Him.

Faye said...

This will be so exciting and I pray for improvement with it.
Aiden is so beautiful/handsome!

Faye and Santana