Friday, February 19, 2010

So Proud of our Little Man

For the past few days at school, Aidan's teachers have been working with him to use a new switch. This is one that he can activate with his chin by opening his mouth. They hooked it up to a singing/dancing Spider Man doll and when Aidan opens his mouth it activates the toy. For the past few days Aidan has been doing this on his own (like 10-15 times in a row) with just some verbal prompting. And he knows what he is doing because he smiles when the doll starts to sing and dance.

Aidan has come so far, and he completely amazes me at his strength and determination. There are days I wish I could get inside that head of his and know just what he sees and what he understands about what is going on around him. He is very alert and aware of where he is and the people around him. If there are a lot of people around him that he doesn't know or if it is loud he will shut his eyes and basically tune everyone out by pretending to be asleep and then as soon as the commotion dies down, his little eyes pop open like he's asking "is the coast clear?". It is so funny to watch.

Sunday is Aidan's 4th birthday. We are having a party for him at my mom's house. It will basically be just family and a few friends. I will be sure to post pictures for everyone to see, especially for our family that can't be here. We would love to share the day with everyone. Even though Aidan's accident happened on the day of his party, I don't ever want to let that keep me from celebrating his birth and his life. Russell and I were so blessed to ever have children, especially after I was told I probably never would. God had other plans and he sent Aidan to us. We had almost 2 wonderful years with him as a happy, funny, energetic little boy who loved to get into anything and everything, and those 2 years are the most precious to me. The memories that I have of Aidan playing and laughing, smiling and just being himself are priceless and bittersweet.

As I said the other day, I mourn the loss of that little boy, but I thank God for the second chance I have with Aidan. And even though I don't know that I'll ever understand why this had to happen to Aidan, I have to trust that God knows better and has plans for Aidan. It's just that my plans for my baby and God's don't see eye to eye most of the time or I want answers and results now.... not days, weeks, months or years down the road.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers. I look forward to posting more about Aidan's progress.


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HoundDogMom said...

I hope Aidan had a great 4th Birthday. Happy Birthday Aidan. Sherri