Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bring on Fall!

It has been so crazy around here the past few weeks. Aidan was in the hospital from Aug 30- Sept 2nd for his diet change. We are trying a ketogenic diet to see if it will help with his seizures. So far, I haven't noticed much of a change in his seizures, but I have noticed that he is more alert, he's not as sleepy during the day, and he's not having the tummy troubles with gas. It has been so nice for him to not be in pain after every feeding because of gas. As an added benefit, he's lost a little weight and he's been smiling a lot more. If this diet works and decreases the number of seizures Aidan has per day we hope to be able to reduce the number of medications he is on.

We're still hoping he gets a baclofen pump. His doctors have approved it, but we're waiting to hear from someone with the manufacturer (I think that's who) first. I have to follow up on that.

Aidan started school on the 6th. He loves going to school and being with the other kids. He loves music and smiles a lot. This week we've been dealing with allergies, so he missed school on Monday because he wasn't feeling well. Evan is also going to the same pre-school and the boys ride the bus together in the morning.

Other than that, the only news we have is that we're moving. My mom got married last month and we are going to be renting her house. We're looking forward to have the extra room for everyone to spread out some. Being in the apartment is like living in a sardine can. We're packed in here tight with no where to put all of the "stuff."

I hope that everyone is doing well. We appreciate all of your support and prayers and hope that you continue to pray for Aidan.


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Infatuation18 said...

I found your blog online while searching for info on kids with anoxic brain injurys from Near Drowning. My son had a drowning accident on August 14th and since then its been crazy. I would like to ask you some questions if I may! Also my son got a baclofen pump 4 5 weeks after his accident so if you have any questions on that maybe I could help you?