Monday, February 14, 2011

5 year old pics

We had Aidan's 5 year old pictures taken this past weekend by my friend Amanda (Amanda Tyler Photography). She did an awesome job, as always, so I wanted to share a few pictures that she's posted for us as a sneak peek!

Aidan isn't feeling well today. He's congested and having a hard time breathing and he's had a fever since early this afternoon. We've been giving him some extra breathing and VEST treatments and he's on oxygen so he's not having to work so hard to breathe. Russell or I will get up early in the morning and take him to the doctor so they can hopefully figure out what's going on and get him started on some medicine to make him feel better.

Wednesday will be the 3 year anniversary of the accident, but I will post another blog then. Please say a prayer that Aidan gets better soon. Also please add Caleb, Luke, Santana and Samuel to your prayers as well. Caleb isn't doing very well and was admitted the the PICU today with a collapsed lung and is on a vent. Luke and Samuel have had pneumonia and Santana has also been sick and is still recuperating from having surgery back around the holidays. There are links for all of their pages on the side of our blog. Please visit them if you have a chance. They are all very special little boys.

Thanks so much! As always, we appreciate your support, love and prayers!


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May God bless him with good health. He is so cute and adorable. This phase of time will be gone after sometime. Just stay strong and everything will be fine soon :)

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